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Skilful linear design in the countryside

The owners wanted a discreet and sustainable house. Topics which are the focal point in many projects of the Netherland based office Paul de Ruiter Architects. The result was Villa K: a linear, discrete building that unobtrusively integrates into the landscape.

A protruding concrete floor and ceiling form the frame of the elongated house. The construction is a U-shape with the two long sections pointing towards the north, and the whole of the south-oriented short section featuring a glass facade which is not disturbed by windows or sun visors. The outcome is breathtaking views over the valley from living rooms and bedrooms. The functional rooms are north-oriented and partially fitted into the slope of the hill: one room for the building's electrics, a pantry, a hunting room and a garage with space for six cars.

The stringent north-south orientation is not only a guideline for the building's architecture but is also important for the energy and living climate concept of the Villa K: the glass facade allows the harvest of solar energy, and the air in the part of the building integrated into the slope is cool. A heat exchanger collects the cold and warm air and transports it to the heat pump. Here the cool air is stored to cool the building in summer, and the warm air to heat the rooms in winter. The roof is covered with moss and sedum which reduces the cooling load and, when looking down onto the villa from a higher view point, the building melts into the landscape.

Only at one point is the linear construction interrupted: an elongated pool makes its way orthogonally into the direction of the valley and quasi "hovers" over the hill.

The owners' request for a stringent design and also "real" materials inside the building was fulfilled. The kitchen is equipped with built-in appliances from Miele which have been cleverly integrated into the open-plan cooking and eating area.

State-of-the-art technology for more convenience

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Photos: Pieter Kers