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Miele’s DIALOGUES publication receives the ICMA Award of Excellence for an exemplary concept and design in the category of Corporate Books – Concept!
389 publications from 17 countries participated in the fourth ICMA – International Corporate Media Award. This competition aims to improve the exchange of information on corporate media, corporate design and magazines on an international level. This competition was launched in 2010 and is hosted by the International Editorial-Design and Research Forum. Prizes are awarded in a total of 20 categories.

DIALOGUES convinced the nine members of the international panel with its clear concept: contrasting juxtaposition of opposites, such as Function – Emotions or Boundless – Limits, offer a framework which is consistent throughout the entire book and is an exciting basis for the individual contents.
Miele also introduced its new generation of appliances in this book. Expressive images present the two new design lines. Enriched with current topics from the field of architecture, design, cooking, food, psychology and technology, DIALOGUES is fascinating literature that inspires and informs.
At architekten@miele.de project developers, architects, interior designers and planners can order the book free of charge.