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Creative Dialouge

 Miele's new 'DIALOGUES' book for architects covers the contrasting juxtaposition of issues of our time and shows a wide range of opinions to inspire. Thematic viewpoints such as Conventions – Visions, Functions – Emotions, Limits – Boundless, etc. cause tension fields which encourage taking a stance. At the same time the new generation is introduced.

According to an excerpt from the editorial, "A dialogue means the exchange of thoughts and ideas, means throwing a ball back and forth, means question and answer, opinion and response. Miele's DIALOGUES analyse topics which move us, for different reasons, sometimes having contrary perspectives. We are hoping that they cause a reaction, open up field of visions, incite contemplation. It is not the pros and cons that are important, but that which is created between these two poles – seeing both sides makes life richer."

The contents of the new book are generated from the fields of architecture, design, cooking, food, psychology and technology, and are portrayed in very different ways – the changes of contextual depth and the strong photo spreads inspire spontaneous engagement in the topics.
Ap Dijksterhuis, professor of social and cultural psychology, explains in the "Head – Gut"? chapter, that we should not put too much thought into important decisions. Because – according to the outcome of years of research – our sub-conscience works in the background.

With this book, Miele also presents its new appliance generator. Expressive images present the two new design lines and an interview with Miele's Head of Design, Andreas Enslin, provides an insight into product development and the new appliance features. International references such as the "Reflections" project from Daniel Libeskind prove that Miele is also operating on a top international level in terms of equipping kitchens with premium built-in appliances.

At architekten@miele.de project developers, architects, interior designers and planners can order the book free of charge.