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Country: SingaporeCategory: Domestic

Living Duo

Singapore is increasingly dominated by high-rises which are often built as egoistic single objects in a town without integrating into the environment on a social or spatial level. The recently presented draft from Ole Scheeren of his DUO project presents a stark contrast to this. The two towers are not understood to be autonomous objects, but instead are defined by the urban spaces existing around them.

Those responsible for area development planning divided the site up in two parts and envisaged relatively large, unshaped areas for building on; there was the risk that the new towers could dominate the adjacent space as well as the historical Kampong Glam quarter in the neighbourhood. For DUO, concave shapes were subtracted from the vertical volumes on the basis of the permitted building volume – this allows differentiated urban (empty) spaces which relate to the already existing buildings in the neighbourhood. The empty spaces are quasi perceived as own, positive objects and are guiding ideas of the draft; only via its definition the volume and shape of the building arises – as negative form so to speak. This allows the duo towers to blend harmoniously into the surrounding town in a sensitive way.

A hexagonal structure, which functions as protection against the sun, covers the towers. The protrusions and recesses of the buildings turn the high-rises into dynamic objects which radiate accommodating vibrancy. Openings and paths penetrate the buildings at ground level allowing them to de-materialise and offer versatile openings and paths through the building at the same time. A permeable landscape is developing on the site with intensive green spaces, recuperation zones and areas for leisure activities. It is planned to accommodate offices, flats, a hotel and retail shops in the towers. In addition to green areas on the site, it is intended to plant vegetation on patios and roofs. This allows the project to contribute considerably to the green regeneration of the metropolis.


When drawing up the draft, great store was placed on the development of a passive and active energy-efficient design as well as on naturally ventilated rooms. It is intended that this project is to be equipped with appliances from Miele. Building work will presumably commence at the beginning of 2013.


Photos: DUO by Ole Scheeren © Buro-OS