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Country: SingaporeCategory: Domestic

Reflecting crystals

The six reflecting towers at "Keppel Bay" in Singapore appear to be bending like straws in the wind. The facade also reflects this undulating motion: The aluminium cladding reflects the water of the adjacent marina and - depending on the weather - clouds and daylight ambience.

The "Reflections" project was planned by the architect Daniel Libeskind with the objective to offer tenants individuality and difference even in such a dense structure as this. The curving and slightly twisting forms of the towers allowed the creation of varying floor plans – these are different on every level as no level is in alignment with either the floor above or below. From the towers, all residence have views of the waterfront as well as the reflections on the facade.

Six high-rise towers with between 24 and 41 stories, eleven low-rise villa apartment blocks and a club house which resembles a crystal offer a total of 1129 dwelling units. The apartment blocks give the impression that the entire area has evolved gradually, and formally serve as a connection between the marina and towers. The areas between the differing building typologies are filled with gardens. Each of the six reflecting high-rise buildings feature a roof garden and are connected with each other by bridges. Apart from their function of providing accessibility, they also play a role for the supporting structure. The towers end at the top in an open structure which continues the large proportions of the towers – and forms the boundary for the roof gardens situated in the steepletops.

A high-end finish characterises the apartments inside the towers. The larger apartments feature a wet kitchen, typical for Asia, combined with an open-plan entertainment kitchen. The kitchens are equipped with Miele appliances to meet the appropriately high standard of furnishings the residents expect.