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Chefs, Courses, Culinary Art

It is not only private individuals who want to equip their kitchens with the best machines available on the market, but also professionals worldwide, who place great trust in premium built-in kitchen appliances from Miele.

Miele seeks and maintains contact with head chefs, cookery schools and other professionals in this field and it is this cooperation which often results in gaining important insights and feedback in working with the appliances. This information is then used when developing our appliances further. In Germany, selected cookery schools operate countrywide under the "Miele Table Artist" label. The cookery schools are all equipped with Miele appliances and offer enjoyable, entertaining and instructive cookery courses to a broad audience. It is all about cooking and enjoyment, and of course to become familiar with premium built-in kitchen appliances from Miele. The table artists’ spectrum is wide: Star chefs such as Thomas Bühner in Osnabrück and Wahabi Nouri in Hamburg are table artists or well-known restaurant matadors. Miele table artists expect only the best in terms of equipment and the quality of ingredients for their dishes.

For several years Miele has been maintaining a cooperation on the highest level with star chef Alain Ducasse. Apart from 27 restaurants worldwide with a total of 20 Michelin stars, Alain Ducasse also runs a cookery school in Paris in which chefs and students cook on Miele appliances. The cookery school offers a wide range of courses: Japanese, Italian and Indian cuisine, and even Haute Cuisine á la Ducasse. Professionally as well as privately, Alain Ducasse is confident with Miele - the kitchen in his private home is also equipped with Miele machines.

Interested consumers in Great Britain can also test cooking with Miele appliances: Miele's four cookery schools aim at culinary delights and experiences, and also on lifestyle. A specially structured course programme includes four topics. "Kitchen Secrets" offers, amongst others, a course on kitchen design. Experts from the field of interior design and architecture present the latest trends and give tips for planning kitchens. Cooking demonstrations are offered under the motto "Let’s do" which inspire new cooking ideas and demonstrate individual functions of Miele appliances at the same time. The appliance master classes focus on the options available and special techniques when preparing food with the steam oven. "Simply Cooking" offers, for example, courses on bread baking or on entertaining at home, i.e. cooking and eating at home can be as much fun as in a restaurant.
The same type of cookery schools and offers are also available in many other countries - for Miele a practical test of Miele appliances.