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Country: SingaporeCategory: Domestic

Innovative test laboratory

Are functionality and technology of Miele appliances as suitable for Asian cuisine as they are for Western? Miele Singapore decided that chefs-to-be are best suited to find this out. In cooperation with the At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy, in which chefs learn Western as well as Asian cooking techniques, the South East Asia Innovation Centre was opened in Singapore. Equipped with Miele's current range of appliances, the Innovation Centre offers chefs in Asia a platform for experimenting, researching and communicating with each other.

The aim of the Innovation Centre is to utilise the results achieved by these young chefs, and adapt them so that hobby chefs worldwide can prepare Asian dishes simply, more intuitively and so continually achieve excellent results.

The Innovation Centre features the entire gamut of the latest Miele appliances including, for example, the induction wok which is one of the most important methods of food preparation in Asia. A particularly interesting detail is a kitchen island with a main cooking zone and six individual work stations consisting of induction hobs. These conditions are perfect for cookery courses or for research and development projects in small groups. When the individual work stations are not being used, the surface can be used as a normal worktop for eating at or other activities.

Singapore is an ideal location for an Innovation Centre as key Asian cooking styles from China, India, Japan, Korea, Thailand, etc. come together here. Practical and theoretical knowledge on Asian cuisine is collected and new trends researched. The results of this valuable and efficient platform for research carried out worldwide by Miele are taken into consideration when developing new appliance generations.