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Country: KoreaCategory: Professional

St. Mary’s Hospital – Seoul, South Korea

'You Believe, We Care', is the motto of St. Mary’s Hospital in Seoul. Here, world-class treatment meets a deeply-rooted sense of respect for life. Patients enjoy comprehensive treatment which sets standards in all respects.

Seoul's St. Mary’s Hospital is located in a busy and affluent area of the capital. In 2005, the Catholic University of Korea began to build a new and modern clinic. After it opened in spring of 2009, the new hospital with its 1200 beds and 40 specialist units counted among the biggest in the country.

St. Mary's has since built up a reputation for excellence, particularly as transplantation centre and for its expertise in the fields of cardiology and ophthalmology. The culture which is lived by all in the clinic is not merely reflected in top-class medical treatment. The hospital also has a history of caring for poor patients.

When it comes to reprocessing instruments and containers, St. Mary's Hospital in Seoul relies on Miele Professional. In CSSD (Central Sterile Supply Department), seven PG 8528 washer-disinfectors are in operation around the clock.

Capacity: 1200 beds, of which 110 are for intensive cases
Employees: 3200
Area; approx. 190,000 m² on 26 floors
Completed: March 2009
Miele product category: Professional