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Country: Hong KongCategory: Domestic

The Beverly Hills – Hong Kong

Tai Po is a district in the North of Hong Kong with a fascinating and picturesque coast-line, and numerous small bays and natural harbours. In perhaps the most exclusive part of this idyllic coast, The Beverly Hills rises as an upscale development for nature lovers. 
The Beverly Hills is an oasis of peace and relaxation. Those who reside here profit from a 'green' environment without noise disturbance from heavy traffic. At the same time it has excellent connections to the outside world. Motorways to Honk Kong, Kowloon, mainland China and 'New Territories', an area of outstanding natural beauty, are only a few minutes drive away.
The unusual location of this complex is situated on a peninsula surrounded by water and offers impressive panoramic views of crystal-clear water and distant mountain ranges. However, there is no need to look into the distance to find natural beauty: The Beverly Hills is surrounded by 170,000 m² of large, artfully designed gardens with a wide range of floral opulence. 
Paths within the housing area are for pedestrians only. Residents park their vehicles in underground car parks which lead directly to their villas.
The Beverly Hills combines elements from French classicism and renaissance and is complemented with artful design. The luxurious villas with a living space of approximately 250 to 1000 m² are fitted out with unique paintings, filigree carvings and many other artful elements. The five-storey club house, too, impresses with an interior where attention to detail is impressive.
All villas are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. An intelligent building system has been developed exclusively for The Beverly Hills, which meets the individual life-styles of its residents. It controls safety, communication and lighting features, audio-visual and air conditioning fixtures.
In accordance with personal preference, residents can choose between 100 different interior design styles which were developed by 30 interior designers. The range reaches from fanciful-opulent to modern and minimalistic.
Bathrooms and kitchens feature internationally renowned brands. Rustic style fronts or a linear design – built-in appliances from Miele fit effortlessly into every design concept, achieving a timeless design and guaranteeing excellent functionality.

Architects: LWK of Partners (HK) Ltd (Phase 1 - A&A works)
WCWP International Ltd (Phase 1, 2 & 3)
ARK Associates Ltd (Phase 3 - Beverly Palace)
Project developer: Henderson Land Development Co. Ltd.
Completed: 2008
Building: 536
Houses/apartments: 535
Miele product category: Domestic appliances