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Three new discovery centres for stylish indulgence

Experiencing first-hand what it is that makes Miele different – this is the aim of our worldwide Miele Gallery showroom concept. These showrooms allow you to become immersed in the world of Miele and are now present in over 40 cities. Three new showrooms have also been added across three continents: since December 2010, there have been new Miele Galleries in Santiago de Chile and in Brno – the Czech Republic’s second city – while the opening of the Shanghai showroom took place in
January 2011.

A Miele Gallery is designed both to meet Miele’s premium standards and to cater to regional tastes and characteristics. The Miele House in Shanghai is located in a historic villa built in the 1930s by legendary Chinese architect Robert Fan. Modernisation and interior design were taken care of by designers and architects Andrea Destefanis and Filippo Gabbiani, both of whom originate from Italy and specialise in the renovation of historic buildings in Shanghai. “Home” was a key theme in the design and furnishing of the building, which was formerly the property of an entrepreneurial family. The idea was smoothly implemented thanks to the versatility of Miele’s premium appliances. The result is an exemplary combination of tradition and modernity. The showrooms in Santiago de Chile and Brno are characterised by their attractive integration into the urban landscape. The central theme at all Miele Galleries is also evident in the design of these three new locations: they are places for living. Equipped with working kitchens, training rooms and inspiring product presentations, they serve as meeting places as well as venues for cooking events, wine-tasting sessions, fashion shows, consumer events, exhibitions and conferences.