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Expeditions with Miele

Made for rough territories and highest of demands. Two extreme Off-road vehicles with exquisite interior features leave nothing to be desired in terms of convenience and quality, even in inhospitable terrains. They have recently been delivered to two Mongolian businessmen from Ulan Bator for hunting trips into the Alai mountains, lasting several days.

These vehicles were developed and manufactured by the Daimler company in Wörth, Germany. The construction of the modified bodies was carried out by coachbuilder Hartmann in Alsfeld. Transmission and chassis were based on the Mercedes-Benz Actros and Axor series. Each of these 6x6 All-wheel drive vehicles have a gross vehicle weight of 25 tonnes with a load capacity of around 16 tonnes. A 7.2-litre straight engine with 326 HP and 1300 Newton metres of torque is at work underneath the bonnet. For long distance trips off the beaten track and far away from civilisation, each vehicle has been fitted with a tank large enough to hold 300 or 200 l of diesel.

The cabins are particularly thoroughly insulated to protect against extreme temperature fluctuations in desserts. All interior fittings have been designed to withstand even the roughest vibrations. Carefully selected furniture is suitable for tropical and arid climates. The interior is divided up in several areas and includes a bedroom in the rear and a leather suite for four to six persons at the front. There is also a luxurious bathroom with marble flooring and underfloor heating as well as a kitchen – equipped with appliances from Miele.

When the new owners purchased these extraordinary vehicles, they fulfilled a personal desire – or rather two: the convenience and quality of state-of-the-art technology and the ability to take them anywhere in the world.