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Country: Great BritainCategory: Professional

The All England Lawn Tennis Club – Wimbledon, UK

The hydraulically operated structure uses a folding fabric concertina measuring 65 x 75 metres, while white steel trusses support a translucent fabric skin. The roof allows tennis matches to continue even during inclement weather; air ventilators ensure that the court remains at a comfortable temperature when the roof is closed. When there are no matches taking place, the roof can be opened and the grass – one of Wimbledon’s trademark features – is given a chance to recover.

The story of the All England Lawn Tennis Club began in 1868 when it was home to a different, typically British lawn sport: croquet. It was only in 1877 that tennis, and with it the tennis tournament, was added to the club’s activities. Apart from a few small exceptions, the rules that were established back then still apply today. Wimbledon Championships are famous for memorable games and oft-cited records. For example, Björn Borg of Sweden won the Men’s Singles in 1980 for the fifth consecutive year; in 1985, Boris Becker became the youngest and first German player to win the title; in 1990, Czech-born Martina Navratilova set a new record with nine Singles titles.

It’s not just records, however, that make the club special: tradition plays a bigger role at Wimbledon than at any other tennis club in the world. In addition to the meticulously trimmed grass courts and match-free Sundays, players at the most famous tennis tournament in the world must adhere to a very strict dress code – this is the only place where they still have to wear at least 90 percent white. And the audience still indulges in fresh, Wimbledon strawberries – 27,000 are eaten with cream and a glass of champagne each year.

The special charm of this and other traditions can be traced right up to the start of The Championships in the new Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum. Such a love of tradition must be nurtured, and in the All England Lawn Tennis Club in Wimbledon, this takes place in the in-house laundry, where Miele Professional washing machines and tumble dryers ensure that players’ kits and the club’s tablecloths remain a dazzling shade of white.
The All England Lawn Tennis Club
Architects (conversion): Populous
Completed: 2009
Miele product category: Professional