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Country: SwitzerlandCategory: Domestic

Sur Le Bourg Villa – Lonay, Switzerland

An exclusive two-family home has been built – imbedded in the traditional architecture of the small village of Lonay and inspired by the castle nearby. Despite its modern design the house radiates a special harmony, just like its green surroundings and Lake Geneva.

The small village of Lonay is located at a hillside sloping to the south that offers a wide view of Lake Geneva and the Alps on the horizon. Due to its location Lonay enjoys a lot of sunshine and vast greenery. Light and vast land – these were the two very important things for architects Alexandra Sennwald-Oppliger and Jean-Marc Sennwald when they designed this two-family villa. And this can be seen in every detail of the villa. Both apartments point south-west towards the sun and glass sliding doors from floor to ceiling flood the rooms with light. Generous balconies and terraces provide a flowing transition to the outside.

This open concept is reflected in the highly reduced floor plan of the apartment. The rooms are connected only by minimal hallways providing a special wideness. This is accentuated by the choice of materials and colours: Seamless wooden floors, white plastered walls, buttresses made of untreated concrete, oak furniture and textiles in a light sandy colour show the high sensitivity of the architects.

The architects designed the kitchens too, that fit into the aesthetic concept of the villa with their elegant colours and timeless design. The technical highlights of the kitchens are the built-in appliances by Miele: The induction hob fits seamlessly into the cooking island unit, so does the oven, the compact oven, the dishwasher and the fridge-freezer combination. It is definitely a place to indulge yourself – of course with a wonderful view.

Villa Sur Le Bourg
Architect: Alexandra Sennwald Oppliger and Jean-Marc Sennwald
Building owner: private
Purpose: two-family home
Complete: 2003
Miele product category: Household