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The Moscow Kremlin – Russia

The striking red wall, over two kilometres long, with its twenty towers and behind it the golden domes of the cathedrals, define the worldwide known picture of the Kremlin in Moscow: The center of power of the Russian Federation.

In 1156 Yuri Dolgorukiy, Grand Duke of Kiev built the first fortification on top of the Borovitsky Hill on the outer banks of the river Moskva. Numerous destructions, reconstructions and extensions throughout history lead to its shape as we know it today. The architectural ensemble of the Kremlin consists not only of fortifications built in the late 15th century by Italian architects of the Milanese School but also of 15 stand-alone buildings. Palace of the Senate, administration building and the Great Kremlin Palace are part of the Presidential Palace. Other parts, like sacred buildings, the Patriarch’s Palace and the Armoury, now serve as museums and are open to the public.

The Great Kremlin Palace once was the residence of the tsar until the October revolution. After 1930 two of the halls were combined to one conference hall for the Supreme Soviet; today state receptions are held in all 700 halls. Three of the four cathedrals were built by Italian architects. Only the Cathedral of the Annunciation, formerly the home church of the tsars, was built by a Russian architect.

The Arsenal and the Amusement Palace are part of the Commandant garrison of the Kremlin. The elite soldiers serve as the guard battalion, including the guard of honour at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The regiment has its own living quarters at the Kremlin. Here the personal laundry and bed linen as well as the dress uniforms are washed in an in-house laundry – using the latest Miele technology.

The Moscow Kremlin
Use: Official residence of the President of the Russian Federation
Completed: mainly in the 15th-16th century
Miele product category: Professional