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Hofburg Palace – Vienna, Austria

For more than 600 years the Hofburg in Vienna had been the residence of the Habsburg dynasty. From here they reigned from the 13th century until the end of the monarchy in 1918. During this time and since the Hofburg has become a veritable centre of the European history.

The Hofburg slowly grew to become a “city within a city” because every regent added a new part or wing to the building. Today, the Hofburg covers an area of over 240,000 sqm with 18 building complexes, 19 courtyards and 2,600 rooms. The Vienna Boys’ Choir, the famous Spanish riding school with its Lipizzaner horses and the National Library which houses the precious Habsburg book collection and has one of the most beautiful reading rooms in the world – they all are as much a part of the Vienna Hofburg as the impressive buildings that are home to collections and museums.

The former Court Silver and Tableware Chamber displays the valuable porcelain, glass and silverware of the imperial household. Complete sets of tableware and numerous unique artefacts made by the most renowned European manufacturers, all property of the imperial family, are an impressive demonstration of the dining culture and the personal taste of the Habsburg dynasty.

Even to this day the original imperial silver cutlery is used at state banquets or for smaller groups of guests –thoroughly and gently cleaned in Miele Professional cutlery washers. Both appliances offer an adequate replacement for the tiresome cleaning by hand, which was done by specially trained silverware cleaners. In most cases it is even possible to omit the polishing afterwards – a huge advantage when it comes up to 200 guests.

Hofburg Palace
Use: Official residence of the President Austria
Completed: mainly in the 16th - 19th centuries
Miele product category: Professional


© Photography: Bundesmobilenverwaltung-Silberkammer, The Hofburg Vienna