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Country: ChileCategory: Domestic

W Residences – Santiago, Chile

Located in the middle of the rising neighbourhood El Golf, the building covers an entire inner city block. The 45,000 square meter surface - distributed over 30 storeys - hosts offices and retail stores, as well as restaurants and conference centres. This architectural highlight was created in 2009 by Handel Architects. They managed to structure the building by an additive playful architecture, being inspired by the urban character of the environment as well as the panorama of the Andes. W Santiago, the section of the building that accommodates a hotel and apartments, is a prominent corner point.

The interior design artist Tony Chi, together with Handel Architects, Brazilian landscapers and Chilean designers, gave the apartments and the hotel the scale and decoration adequate for this type of building. Since Chi combines design and functionality and creates from the richness of Chilean tradition, he not only builds arranged spaces but gives them a soul. Copper, Chile’s biggest export commodity, sheepskin and domestic timber, combined with Indian tapestries, as well as the colours from the mountains and deserts of Latin America, make the resident feel the spirit of Chile. Fitting the kitchens with appliances by Miele is consistent with this approach as they, too, combine design and functionality at the highest level.

Isidora 3000
Project developer: Territoria
Architect: Handel Architects, San Francisco, USA
Interior: Tony Chi
Completed: 2009
Miele product category: Household