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Country: HungaryCategory: Domestic

Anjou Residence – Budapest, Hungary

The area around the castle on Buda’s Castle District is one of the most popular residential districts in Hungary’s capital city. The exclusive residential complex Anjou Residence was developed in 2005 and carefully matched to the architecture and the planning structure of this medieval district.

The challenge of integrating a modern and magnificently outfitted residential complex into one of the historically richest neighbourhoods of Budapest was met masterfully by Hungarian architect Antal Puhl. The modern residence is located on both sides of Orszagház Street, with a view onto the park around the bastion of Anjou that also provides the name. Each of the six-storey buildings accommodates 52 luxurious residential units. The buildings are connected by a subterranean corridor. The heritage-protected remains of the castle wall from the Middle Ages were elaborately integrated into the architecture of the apartments and inner yard and give the Anjou residence its historic flair.

Yet it is not only the external appearance of the buildings that is in tune with the splendid historic Castle District. A lot of attention to detail was applied to the interior decoration, too. The 52 apartments vary in size and layout but not in the quality of the interior design. Only the finest materials were used such as natural stone and real wood flooring, to meet the demands of the residents. In the elegant kitchens these ideas are continued by the Miele appliances: a perfect combination of high quality materials and sophisticated technology. 


Anjou Residence
Building owner: BGH Hausbau KFt., BHG Beruhézó Bt.
Architect: Puhl Antal Architect Office, Szentendre, Hungary
Complete: 2005
Purpose: 52 appartements
Miele product category: Household