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Country: GermanyCategory: Domestic

Hotel Adlon – Berlin, Germany

A legend located at the "Pariser Platz": Since the Adlon opened its doors in 1907 it has been known as one of the best hotels worldwide. Due to its central location right next to the Brandenburg Gate it has become not only a witness of numerous historical events, but also a victim of the destruction of the Second World War. The Adlon has been rebuilt after the reunification and now shines in a new, yet time-honoured, light of a five-star hotel.

After the grand opening at the "Pariser Platz" more than 100 years ago, the Adlon soon earned the reputation of being one of the best and most beautiful hotels in the world. Heads of state, politicians, well-known artists and distinguished scientists from all over the world stayed here and they certainly contributed to the glamorous reputation of the Adlon Hotel. In 1945, however, a fire tragically damaged a substantial part of the building and due to the separation of Berlin after the war it was impossible to rebuild the Adlon Hotel. It was not until 1997, after the reunification of Germany, that this beautiful building was re-erected in exactly the same spot as the original hotel. The architects Patzschke & Partner took into consideration the existing architecture of the Brandenburg Gate as well as the historical significance of the "Pariser Platz". Therefore, the hotel was intentionally rebuilt in a classic-traditional style.

Even though the new Adlon Hotel was built according to its historical model, it is not a replica. The addition of another floor and a larger plot area of the building made it into an exceptional top-class hotel. Whether it is in the 304 rooms, 76 suites, the restaurant which holds 1 Michelin star or the elegant lobby of the hotel – stylish ambiance can be found everywhere. The entire interior design of the Adlon Hotel shows a perfect combination of generosity and the love for detail. Elegant and precious materials, forms and colours give a very unique charm to the interior.

Particularly important is certainly to meet the guest’s request and desires: 24-hour room service, a private butler service on request, a daily newspaper of choice, overnight shoe-shine service and last but not least, the in-house laundry service, dry cleaning and ironing service. The Adlon relies on Miele Professional laundry machines to provide the perfect technology for a perfect hotel.

Hotel Adlon
Building owner: Fundus-Gruppe
Architect: Patzschke, Klotz & Partner, Berlin, Germany
Complete: 1997
Rooms: 304
Miele product category: Professional