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Country: The PhilippinesCategory: Domestic

Essensa – Manila, Philippines

As far as the Essensa towers at Fort Bonifacio in Manila are concerned, their name implies an agenda. Two towers were created that concentrate on the essence of living and comfort, claiming to be the most magnificent apartment buildings in Asia – well-planned architecture, lots of space, and an exclusive interior decoration. Appliances by Miele determine the character of the kitchen.

Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, is also called the “city of the future”. The city owes this title to the numerous urban construction projects. Fort Bonifacio is one of them. This Manila neighbourhood developed from a former American military base into an independent “global city“, with first-class infrastructure and luxury apartment complexes. The so-called “city in the city“ is planned and supervised by an independent developer. The basic idea in the planning of Fort Bonifacio was formed by the desire to bring nature back into the metropolis, as well as promote the cohabitation of humans and the natural environment. Almost half of the 440-hectar surface is devoted to generous green spaces and public meeting points. The sensitively construed Essensa towers and the fabulous outdoor facilities are a worthy part of this liveable and lovable environment.

The architectural office Pei Cobb Freed & Partners in New York gave wings to the vision of Asia’s most magnificent apartments – wings in the truest sense of the word, as the layout of the facility matches the shape of a butterfly. A powerful symbolic force that makes the towers and the 230 apartments they harbour fit perfectly into the surrounding park facilities. Each one of the four sections of the building accommodates a 290 m2 apartment. As far as interior decoration is concerned, the architects focus on the indispensible, in a stylistically confident way. Lots of space and light, combined with high quality materials and exclusive design, create a very genuine environment. Life through enjoyment – an approach that is also reflected in the high quality kitchens. Appliances by Miele provide pleasure and the refinement of an essential sphere of life.

Architect: Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, New York
Complete: 2001
Dwelling units : 230
Miele product category: Household