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Country: AustraliaCategory: Domestic

Edgewood – Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia's metropolis with a population of 4.1 million people, situated on the south-east coast is well-known for its exceptional high quality of life. The beautiful Edgewood residences at the beaches of Cabarita are a prime example for this.

Cabarita, the peninsula and suburb of Sydney is the latest premium address for people who desire a quiet life in the midst of parks and love an unspoiled view of the bay. Built with respect to the surrounding nature, Edgewood is a completely new residential complex and offers an unsurpassed comfort of life. 274 residential units in total divided into one apartment complex and different types of houses – all pay an architectural homage to the ocean. Simple design, rooms flooded with light, harbour views: every single detail seems to be dedicated to the dark blue ocean. A style appropriate for the peninsula, for the word “Cabarita” derives from the aboriginal word for “water”.

Mirvac Design in cooperation with Eeles Trelease Architects chose an open architecture. The apartments have almost no walls and the rooms are divided only by individual components such as the cubic fire place. The design is emphasized by straight lines, skilfully used glass elements and a lot of white. The open kitchen fits perfectly into this concept, with its simple design and elegant materials, like the grey granite worktops. Upgraded with appliances by Miele, the kitchen is not the focal point, but does not miss any of the quality and exclusiveness of its surroundings.

Building owner: Mirvac Projects
Architect: Mirvac Design
Complete: 2004
Dwelling units: 105 houses, 169 appartements
Miele product category: Household