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Country: SingaporeCategory: Domestic

Ardmore Park – Singapore

The elite of South East Asia lives a good life in the magnificent apartments of Ardmore Park. Living here means to enjoy luxury beyond belief – even in the kitchen. Thanks to a variety of built-in appliances by Miele the kitchen becomes a real temple of pleasures.

To this day Singapore is still influenced by its history as a crown colony and commercial harbour of the British East India Company. Colonial architecture like the Presidential Palace Istana meets modern complexes and high rise buildings with their glass façades. Singapore is known for this prestigious and diverse architecture but the desired development areas are becoming a rarity in the smallest state of South East Asia.

The “Ardmore Park” apartment complex with its 32,000 sqm only exists thanks to a fortunate coincidence. In the mid-1990s the area of “Ardmore Park” was permitted to undertake redevelopment measures and was completely rebuilt with only one goal: to create a first-class luxurious residence. Today, three towers with 30 floors each stand proudly on this wide area. Each tower has 108 apartments with 268 sqm and two penthouses with more than 800 sqm with an elegant marble entrance. The promising start continues inside the luxury apartments. Elegant materials, exquisite furnishings and sumptuous details provide quality of life. The kitchens are equipped with almost the entire spectrum of built-in appliances by Miele and promise precious indulgences.

Ardmore Park
Building owner: MP Bilt Pte Ltd
Complete: 2001
Dwelling units: 324 appartements, 6 penthouses
Miele product category: Household