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Country: KoreaCategory: Domestic

I-Park Project – Seoul, South Korea

The most expensive apartments in all of South Korea are located in the high rise residence “I-Park” in Gangnam, the international finance and trade center of Seoul. A distinctive feature of these luxury apartments besides their exclusive location in one of the most flourishing parts of Seoul is the first-class interior design – the highlight of the kitchens are definitely the appliances by Miele.

The capital of South Korea is one of the largest cities worldwide, home to 10.5 million people and with a population density of 17,000 per sqm living space is very limited. It is this chronic lack of space in the metropolis surrounded by mountains that sparks architects’ creativity. Since the beginning of the 21st century high rise buildings have shot into the sky all over Seoul. Apartment complexes are efficient solutions for urban planning because it is possible to combine several areas of living under one roof: generous apartments, shops, sport centres, restaurants and entertainment centres.

Gangnam, a younger part of Seoul, is an excellent example. Here, modern apartment complexes right next to office towers form the centre for international finance and economy making Gangnam the ideal location for first-class apartments. Hyundai Industrial Development Company recognised Gangnam’s potential and started the “I-Park” project, consisting of the construction of three apartment complexes in Gangnam and eight in Budang, another part of Seoul.

The Gangnam complex alone – three towers with a height of 133 m, 156 m and 159 m – offer a total of 450 luxury apartments, which are considered to be the most expensive in South Korea. A reputation which is not only due to its favourable location: the apartments and the exterior of the I-Park were designed in a typical Asian style and therefore characterised by worldwide accepted design standards. Jeong-kil Son, General Manager of the Hyundai Development Company, was responsible for the interior design of the buildings. This conglomerate of several hundred apartments offers generous sources of tranquillity and boasts with an interior design made for the modern and cosmopolitan South Korean: simple elegance, clear structures and premium design. This demand for a high-quality interior is reflected in the modern kitchens with appliances by Miele taking centre stage.

I-Park Project
Developer/Architect: Hyundai Industrial Development Company
Use: 11 buildings with 1520 apartments
Completion: 2004
Miele product category: Household