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Country: AustraliaCategory: Domestic

The Rocks – Sydney, Australia

The Rocks is the oldest part of Sydney, and the Metcalf Bond Stores are among the oldest preserved buildings in this neighbourhood. There is a penthouse on the roofs that is hard to match in exclusivity.

200 years ago the first English soldiers and prisoners landed in the bay of the modern metropolis of Sydney – now locals and tourists from all over the world stroll around the charming dock area; not only the location between the Harbour Bridge and the architectural highlight of the Sydney Opera is attractive, but also the healthy mix of restaurants, trade and living right around the well-preserved and restored warehouses.

Two of these historic buildings – the Metcalf Bond Stores, built in 1912 and 1916 – accommodate six exclusive apartments today, among them a penthouse. The architecture of the former warehouses corresponds to their original function: the supporting exterior walls are made of brickwork with a loadbearing timber construction. The front is simple – its beauty is in its materiality.

The penthouse extends over a living space of 380 m2 on two levels. The upper level is dedicated exclusively to the unique atmosphere – with a spectacular view onto the harbour of Sydney, the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and Circular Quay. The main bedroom opens onto the terrace on the one side, with a spectacular view of the harbour. Even from the bath tub the lively goings-on on the water can be observed. The rooms that are hidden from sight have a sensational and unfettered view.

The elegant kitchen with six appliances by Miele is an open and perfectly integrated space, coming from a fascinatingly straight creative concept. It is homogenous in colour and adjoined by the second of the overall four penthouse terraces.

The Rocks
Real Estate Developer / Architect: CPG Developments
Use: 6 apartments
Year of Completion: 2002
Miele product category: Household