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Country: USACategory: Domestic

The Lucida – New York, USA

New York, Manhattan, Upper East Side – an exclusive and elegant address. Around the Guggenheim Museum by Frank Lloyd Wright, an icon of modern construction design, architectural trends continue to be set. Thus it is not surprising that one of the first LEED certified residential buildings of Manhattan is here – The Lucida.

Even as far as building design is concerned, The Lucida is different from many other projects. This is not only due to the purist architecture created by the New York architects Cook + Fox. The almost cubic mass of the 20-storey high building is surrounded completely by a curtain wall of glass. The glass façade is also a means to an end: It permits daylight to stream into the building unfettered and thus reduces energy consumption. The interplay of opaque, translucent, and clear glass panels creates a fascinating mix of privacy, light and views onto the city.

Recesses in the upper part of the building interrupt the solid line and play with the observer’s perspective. Hidden roof-top gardens that were cut out of the cubature create oases for the residents and let the light stream into the building.

As purist as the building may seem from the outside, as comfortable it is inside. Facilities such as a spa, child care, and a wine cellar permit a conscious lifestyle. The decoration of the 110 generous apartments, planned by interior designer S. Russell Groves, puts emphasis on sustainability: The ventilation of the rooms, the use of rapidly growing timber such as bamboo, and the magnificent fitting of the kitchen in accordance with the latest standards - with Miele appliances among other things.

The Lucida
Architect: Cook & Fox (New York, USA)
Real Estate Developer / Contractor: Extell Development Co.
Application: Apartments
Date of completion: 2008
Miele product category: Household