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Country: South AfricaCategory: Domestic

V&A Waterfront Marina – Cape Town, South Africa

The large-scale restructuring and reconstruction of the Victoria and Alfred waterfront of Cape Town is a success story. Over the course of twenty years an urban showcase project was created: a lively new neighbourhood for locals and tourists, and a new link between city and water.

Founded in 1654 as a contact point for the East India Company’s shipping traffic, in the 1950s a 100-hectare harbour area developed. However, in the second half of the 20th century the harbour was operated less and less until, at the end of the 1980s, this ambitious showcase project was initiated.

The project successfully combines original function with new types of use, restaurants and trade with residential living, historic construction with modern design. The V&A Waterfront Marina is the project’s flagship, a luxury residential complex directly by the water.

The apartment buildings Palgrave und Pembroke, with 59 apartments overall and six penthouses, are prominently located at the harbour’s entrance. Their design carefully includes the unique environment: the water and the close-by table mountain. The Northern front, therefore, – which is the “sunny side” on the southern hemisphere – was construed as a multi-layered area. The objective was to offer a multitude of interior and exterior rooms for convenient staying.

In designing and decorating the interior rooms this approach is kept. In the large living room all sectors flow into each other. The room is structured by the fittings and the decoration of the ceiling. The kitchen that opens entirely is within the view of the bar and dining area and enables communication with the family or with guests. The built-in appliances are all by Miele. They combine pleasure with functional perfection.

The master planning of the V&A Waterfront Marina was performed by Revel Fox & Partners. This office was established in 1962 and is well-known for its consistency in implementing specific architecture and design principles in the social, economic, and aesthetic context of Africa.

The key projects Palgrave and Pembroke were embedded into the master plan by the architects Dennis Fabian Beman. Established in 1974, this office has clearly been marking the face of its home town, Cape Town, with its numerous constructions.

V&A Waterfront Marina
Architect: Revel, Fox & Partners, Cape Town (South Africa)
Real Estate Developer / Contractor: V&AWaterfront Marina (Pty) Ltd.
Use: Residential area harbouring 17 buildings and about 500 apartment units
Year of completion: 2007
Miele product category: Household