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Country: AustriaCategory: Domestic

edel:weiss Residences – Katschberg, Austria

Anybody who relies on unspoiled nature as touristic capital has to consider how to preserve this resource and how to treat nature with respect. The architect Matteo Thun strongly forms the landscape but with the utmost respect for nature.

On the sloping south side of the outskirts of Katschberg the broad base of the tower has been covered with plants and serves as a connection between the hotel and the apartments. It also houses lockable parking spaces that can be used as storage room for sports equipment, too.

Both cylindrical buildings have an identical footprint – a tightly measured core to the north with the entrance, elevators and staircase plus two or three apartments per floor, facing the valley. Foundation piles set 30 metres into the rocky ground, a core of reinforced concrete and reinforced concrete floors with stiffened façades allowed an interior construction made of plasterboard. This in return makes it possible to combine the entire floor area into one single, luxurious unit – if necessary.

The “outer shell” is a slightly bellied lattice structure of larch timber – a trademark of the South Tyrolian architect. Matteo Thun has used these materials and the design to push back the horizontal emphasis of the different levels and to give a monolithic look to the towers. But on the other hand this structure connects the somewhat “harsh” surface of the façades with the “soft” surroundings – the pasture meadows and the conifers. Both towers incorporate this concept perfectly. It is the outer shell that makes them compact bodies which have already become symbols of the “Katschberg”.

edel:weiss Residences
Architect: Matteo Thun, Milan (Italy)
Services provided: Architecture, Interior Design, Light Design, Landscaping
Builder/Contractor: Michaeler & Partner
Use: 66 apartments
Complete: 2008