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05.07.2010 | Design


The new 'DIALOGUES' book for architects, interior designers, project developers and investors is the third Miele book publication for this target group and introduces further topics as well as the new 6000 generation of appliances. A dialogue means the exchange of thoughts and ideas, means throwing a ball back and forth, means asking questions and giving answers, forming opinions and responding. The book highlights topics which move us from different, sometimes contrary perspectives.
14 dialogues cover a wide span of very individual experiences – all about ideas and matter, conventions and visions, making decisions based on reason or going by your gut feeling. The dialogues are generated, amongst others, from the fields of architecture, design, food, technology and psychology, and inspire to move away from one’s own position and to open up one’s angle of view, to engage with the new. Questioning one’s own point of view is liberating and makes room for creative debates. At the same time 'DIALOGUES' offers the opportunity to learn about Miele's new generation of appliances. The book is available in German, English, French and Italian.