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Honeycomb soleplate

The honeycomb structure has already proved effective on Miele honeycomb drums and now also makes a difference on Miele's FashionMaster. Unlike conventional hand irons, with the patented honeycomb soleplate steam is distributed in next to no time along a network of channels across the entire soleplate. This allows the iron to glide effortlessly and gently over textiles, at the same time ensuring perfect ironing results.

Smoothing with steam

You can save a lot of time when ironing
Miele washer-dyers offer 3 programmes with steam. This simplifies ironing: in the Freshen up programme, only briefly worn but slightly creased garments can be smoothed and freshened up. With the Smoothing programme, freshly washed textiles can be smoothed and dried to "Hand iron" stage. In the Shirts programme, the smoothing function is activated automatically before the drying cycle – this reduces the need for ironing.
Glätten mit Dampf

Thermo spin

Saving time and electricity during drying
Before the drying cycle commences, the textiles are tumbled in a current of warm air while the spin speed is gradually increased. This results in the water content in your laundry being reduced before the actual drying cycle begins – this saves time and electricity.

Stains option

Targeted stain removal
Up to 22 different types of stains can be treated in a Miele washer-dryer – up to three types of stains at the same time. Simply add the respective programme option – and the wash programme is adjusted accordingly to suit the specific stain. The integrated stain-removal guide in the display advises on how to tackle the stain in question efficiently. This is only available from Miele.

Fluff flushing

Special programme to remove fluff
Fluff remaining inside the machine after the drying cycle is completely rinsed out in this programme. Condenser channel, suds container and drum are completely lint-free within a few minutes. This safely prevents discolouring of textiles through fluff carry-over.

Two in one

Washing and drying sensibly combined
Miele washer-dryers combine the functions of a washing machine and a tumble dryer in one single unit. This allows you to wash and then dry 3 kg of laundry without having to transfer the laundry to a second machine. And if time is of the essence, laundry can be washed and dried in 90 minutes. This is perfect laundry care on the smallest of footprints – ideal for those who only have space for one machine or do not want to use up more space than is absolutely necessary.
Flusen ausspülen - patentiert

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