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Taking cleanliness onto the next level
Miele's PowerWash System comprises "Intensive Flow" and "QuickPowerWash". Intensive flow: thanks to a sophisticated suds cycle, the efficiency of the detergent is fully utilised and the wash performance considerably increased - cleanliness you can measure objectively. With the new QuickPowerWash programme your Miele washing machine achieves thorough cleanliness in less than 1 hour. Only available from Miele: PowerWash – simply for better wash results.

Intensive flow

A powerful shower in the fight against dirt
With Intensive Flow – a characteristic of the PowerWash system – Miele utilises a potential which other washing machines neglect: suds solution is sprayed many times over onto the laundry. This increases the effective use of detergent by approx. 10%. This technology also benefits the environment: Intensive Flow reduces electricity consumption and the appliances work 20% more economical than required for an A+++ energy efficiency rating.
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Cleaning faster is not possible
Excellent cleanliness in less than 1 hour – barely believable. With QuickPowerWash, Miele realises a high-level cleaning performance in a surprisingly short time.
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Best liquid detergent at the touch of a button
Dispensing completely automatically - TwinDos offers 2 options for this: you either fill liquid detergent or fabric conditioner in the supplied containers or you use Miele's 2-Phase-System. For maximum efficiency, TwinDos dispenses UltraPhase 1 and UltraPhase 2 at the appropriate time during the wash process. Whites or coloureds - TwinDos plus 2-Phase-System achieves the highest level of wash performance and offers the best liquid detergent system available on the market at the touch of a button.

SoftSteam honeycomb drum with pre-ironing

Ironing made easy
If the "Pre-ironing" option is selected, the drum is heated after the final spin cycle. This has a smoothing effect and loosens the laundry which can then be easily removed.
And most importantly: this makes ironing much easier and faster.


The perfect addition for special applications
A convenient solution for processing laundry requiring special applications are Miele's portioned capsules. They are simply placed into the fabric conditioner compartment. The appliance dispenses its contents automatically at the perfect point in time during the wash process. Your choice: 6 special detergents (Sport, Down, Outdoor, WoolCare, SilkCare, Reproofing), 3 fabric conditioners (Aqua, Nature, Cocoon), as well as the Booster which deals with persistent soiling.

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