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Perfection to suit personal tastes - the Miele steam oven is an all-round expert and the perfect partner for an oven and a hob. As the cooking durations for steaming and boiling are identical, you do not have to change your cooking habits. You can make starters, soups, fish, meat, vegetables, side-dishes or puddings individually or as a complete meal in one cooking process. Individual preferences for cooking results – firm or tender – can also be catered for with the Miele steam oven. Thanks to Miele’s MultiSteam technology, external steam generation ensures perfect results. 8 steam inlet ports enable fast generation of steam and steam distribution, short heat-up times and uniform cooking results.

Large capacity cabinet

The cabinet in Miele’s new steam oven with MultiSteam can accommodate a GN 1/2 container together with a GN 1/3 container on each of the three levels. No other appliance provides so much space!
Großer Garraum und große Belegfläche

Automatic menu cooking

Up to three different dishes can be cooked simultaneously in the automatic menu cooking programme. Temperature, cooking duration and the sequence in which dishes are added are automatically controlled. The appliance indicates when and on which level the dishes should be placed in the oven, so each one is ready at the same time. Cooking a complete menu in one single process is stress-free!
Automatisches Menügaren

Steam cooking with pressure

In a similar way to pressure cookers on the hob, Miele’s built-in steam ovens with PowerSteam technology can cook food at high temperatures under pressure. The temperature range from 101 - 120 °C is ideal for quickly cooking robust vegetables, many different kinds of meat and pulses in up to half the time it takes when cooking without pressure.
Dampfgaren mit Druck

Simple cleaning

Thanks to external steam generation and a stainless steel cabinet, Miele steam ovens are particularly easy to keep clean. Unpleasant limescale cannot form inside the cabinet. The smooth cabinet walls and particularly the bottom panel don’t attract soiling. After the cooking process has finished, the interior only requires wiping down and is dry and clean again.
Leichte Reinigung

"Features depend on model"