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Low-temperature cooking

Low-temperature cooking is a professional method of food preparation, giving high-quality, tender and juicy results on meat. Meat retains its aroma and nutrients to a great extent. Good chefs have been using this type of cooking method for many years to prepare tender food. Now it is becoming increasingly popular in private households. Low-temperature cooking is very trouble-free as the cooking process does not require monitoring and other preparations can be carried out without any time pressure. The meat can be sliced straight after cooking. There is no need to allow the meat to rest first as the meat juices are evenly distributed.

Touch controls

All Miele Gourmet warming drawers are operated via a flush glass touch control panel for convenient use and easy cleaning.


All Gourmet warming drawers feature a 4-hour timer. This allows you to enjoy your meal in peace or concentrate on other matters. The timer switches off automatically at the end of the set time.

Automatic buffered self-closing feature

The telescopic full-length pull-out with self-closing feature offers gentle and quiet door closure. This ensures that crockery and food do not slide around, and therefore reduces the chance of soiling.
Selbsteinzug mit Dämpfung

Fully telescopic runners

Miele built-in drawers can be pulled out completely for easy loading and unloading. Thanks to the stable, smooth-running telescopic runners, the 29-cm high drawers have a load capacity of up to 25 kg.

4 operating modes

Miele Gourmet warming drawers feature four operating modes: pre-warming cups and plates, keeping food at serving temperature and cooking with low temperature. You simply select the mode you require.
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