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Combinations for every kitchen environment

Two different types of design lines in selected colours and materials can be perfectly integrated into any interior design and meet any functional requirements, enabling you to equip small kitchens as well as large kitchens, dining rooms and open-plan living spaces. Depending on your plans for the space available, product combination and layout is entirely your choice. With these options, you offer your customers not only perfectly designed rooms but also an extraordinary experience: our designers and engineers are constantly gaining their knowledge and inspiration for product design from the international markets in which Miele is active. This knowhow places them in pole position.
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Design lines

PureLine is the design for puristic kitchen environments which are characterised by reducing the number of materials used. The high proportion of glass in the PureLine design creates a calm and aesthetic appearance. Horizontal stainless-steel elements and an eye-catching handle which almost appears to be floating in front of jet black glass elements are characteristic features of these appliances.

ContourLine reinterprets familiar elements: the solid handle is part of a solid frame, conveying the high quality of the materials and the intentional structure. Solid and clear lines set the different elements apart from one another and allow the skilful juxtaposition of materials and functional features.

Design lines


PureLine creates new options with full-glass appliances in Obsidian Black, Havana Brown or Brilliant White. Exciting contrasts as well as unobtrusive integration into white, black or brown kitchens are possible. Several classic appliances in stainless steel positioned next to one another form one continuous line. The horizontal design dominates.

Design harmony

What combines the Miele product family in the truest of senses is the consistent design homogeneity.  All appliances within either the PureLine or the ContourLine designs feature uniformly designed fronts and fascia panels. This allows virtually all appliances to be combined with each other, resulting in a harmonious overall appearance.
Design Harmony

M Touch - User Interfaces

Achieving results fast with the innovative M Touch display: the display is simple to operate and
self-explanatory. Operating the appliances is by intuitively using touch controls or swiping the text display. Many functions can be selected at a single touch of a fingertip. The high-quality display ensures perfect visibility of information. Apart from the M Touch display, there are further user interfaces which are based on the same logical and coordinated structure.
M Touch