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XL cabinet

The spacious stainless-steel cabinet with TopControl can accommodate larger items and quantities, and cook, for example, roast chickens or oven bakes to perfection. The turntable with 40 cm diameter allows a particularly flexible use of different cooking containers or several containers, cups or plates simultaneously. Food preparation on a larger scale.

40 cm turntable

The 40-cm turntable offers ample space for cooking containers of various sizes or several glasses, cups or plates simultaneously. Thus, the large turntable caters for a wide range of uses for food and beverages. The continuous rotation ensures that food is cooked very evenly.
40 cm Drehteller

LED lighting

Thanks to high-quality LED lighting, food is in the spotlight during preparation. Special benefit: LEDs have a particularly long life-cycle and are virtually maintenance free.

Quartz grill

The full output of a quartz grill integrated into the roof of the cabinet is available within seconds of switch-on (1500 W on TopControl appliances). In combination with a turntable, it browns food quickly and evenly.

Popcorn button

A cosy evening in front of the TV without popcorn? Now there is no need to go without. Thanks to the popcorn button on the fascia panel, one packet of popcorn can now be prepared quickly and simply in the microwave oven. The automatic programme activated when pressing the popcorn button is perfectly geared to the preparation of one standard packet of popcorn. Convenience at the touch of a button!

Automatic programmes

Thanks to automatic programmes, Miele microwave ovens become culinary experts. Simply select the required programme and enter, for example, the weight of the food. The appliance works out the power setting and cooking time completely automatically. The user does not have to select anything else or monitor the process. Thanks to automatic programmes for defrosting followed by cooking or cooking fresh food products, food is processed to perfection.

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