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A systematic approach to perfect laundry care

Our laundry-care system covers the entire process, from washing and drying to ironing. Even Miele's CareCollection products were developed in our in-house laboratories and are perfectly tailored to Miele machines. This allows for above average cleaning results and perfect care of textiles. Miele washing machines and tumble dryers match each other perfectly in terms of design and features. User interfaces and programmes consistently subscribe to the same philosophy. This makes programme selection particularly easy for you.

The new design lines

Classic appliance design with round chrome-plated door ring and viewing window on washing machines and tumble dryers. Optionally with straight or ergonomically slanted fascia.

A fresh design for laundry care appliances: dynamic bowed front with round, white designer door. Fascia panel and door with chrome accents. Viewing door on washing machines and tumble dryers.

design lines

Installation options

Here are installation options to make it easier for you to choose the right combination of washing machine and tumble dryer.

installation options

Overview of installation options

Overview of product types

Here are the available product types which you can choose from when deciding on a washing machine and tumble dryer.

product types

Front loading machines

Efficiency and sustainability

Economical and environmentally friendly washing
Miele engineers invest their time and energy in finding ways to save energy. All W1 washing machine models effortlessly achieve A+++, the highest energy efficiency rating, and count among the most efficient and economical appliances in the world. Some Miele models are equipped with SmartGrid. This smart grid technology allows you to profit from cheap electricity tariffs. If you choose a Miele washing machine with a second water connection, you can make savings of up to 47% by using hot water combined with a solar-thermal system! Miele's Allwater system gives you alternative options to use hot, well or rain water. This saves up to 70% drinking water. With Miele's new washing machines you can save electricity and water as never before. But you cannot economise on perfect cleanliness.

Economical and environmentally friendly drying
Over the last 15 years Miele – as a pioneer in laundry care – has reduced electricity consumption of its tumble dryers by 60%. This is why all Miele tumble dryers with heat-pump technology already achieve an A+++ energy efficiency rating. Some Miele
tumble dryers feature SmartGrid technology which enables you to profit from automatic selection of cheap-rate electricity. With Miele's solar tumble dryer, energy can be further reduced in currently unique magnitude. It is 40% more economical than that required for an A+++ energy efficiency rating. This makes it the most economical tumble dryer on the market! Drying laundry using the power of nature. We at Miele are spearheading this technology, true to our credo of being 'Immer besser' ('Forever better').