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Laboratory and Medical Technology

Our System4Med covers all aspects of modern instrument reprocessing in hospitals and doctor’s surgeries and is based on decades of experience. System4Med brings together machines, accessories and documentation – all from one single supplier. Leading medical instrument manufacturers recommend reprocessing with Miele. Machines designed to clean instruments in research and investigation laboratories complete and round of our range.

All machines are used for the most basic applications in day-to-day work, which makes their performance a vital part of safe processes for staff and patients. For this reason, they must prove that the trust placed in them is 100% justified every single day.

Cleaning / Disinfection

Innovative washer-disinfectors with customisable features offer versatile and comprehensive solutions for the machine-based reprocessing and thermal disinfection of surgical instruments and accessories. A wide range of inserts, specially designed programmes and efficient water pre-treatment ensure the thorough, effective and material-friendly cleaning of both internal and external instrument surfaces, catering for a wide range of applications in doctor’s surgeries, outpatient surgeries, hospitals and CSSD units.
Cleaning / Disinfecting


The newly developed, high-performance B-class steriliser offers fast and safe instrument reprocessing. Easy to use, with very short cycle times and very good drying results, the Miele compact small steriliser ensures fast and safe sterilisation. The integrated water treatment system and user-friendly design of the machine additionally increase the economic efficiency and effectiveness of instrument reprocessing cycles in surgeries, theatres and decentralised, ward-end reprocessing in hospitals.


The documentation of instrument reprocessing makes the constant monitoring and final assessment of the treatment process safe. This is undoubtedly an advantage in terms of quality assurance for patients and health-care staff, and, not least, careful documentation of reprocessing creates legal security and peace of mind.
With its System4Med, Miele Professional is now for the first time offering a complete and holistic approach to process documentation. The heart and soul of the system is the Segosoft Miele Edition. Miele machines and their software are an ideal match and interact perfectly – depending on the requirements of clients and on-premise conditions.

Further Highlights

  • New large-chamber washer-disinfectors
    Miele large-chamber machines from the PG88 series have been designed to suit specific CSSD requirements. The most outstanding feature of these container and trolley washers is the up to 2 m high and 3 m deep stainless-steel chamber. They offer enough space for transport trolleys with extremely large loads as well as bulky items such as bed frames, bedside tables or large quantities of containers and theatre shoes.
  • Large steam sterilisers from Miele
    With the four new ranges of large steam sterilisers from the PS 5000 generation, Miele Professional is further developing its fully comprehensive line-up of products and services for central sterilisation. In a fully heated chamber, all thermally stable solid and porous goods are safely sterilised and efficiently dried.
  • Process chemicals for instrument reprocessing in Miele thermal disinfectors
    ProCare Dent process chemicals are a new introduction to the system and allow thorough and value-preserving instrument reprocessing in Miele thermal disinfectors. With Miele's system solution, a dentist surgery can safeguard reprocessing results and obtain a comprehensive solution from a single manufacturer.