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Individuality is the standard

Whether making use of the benefits of modern electric hobs or swearing by gas, whether induction or a combination of all: Miele offers a wide range of appliances from self-contained hobs, perfectly geared to meeting personal requirements.



Electric hobs with induction
The trendsetter. With induction cooking, the heat is generated directly in the pan base. The size of the pan is automatically recognised. The advantages: there are practically no energy losses. Cooking is particularly safe as the areas surrounding the cooking zones stay relatively cool. Miele appliances also offer a number of high-end features for added user convenience.

Electric hobs
The traditional. Cooking zones are heated by heater elements below the ceramic surface, visible as a red glow in cooking zone.

Gas hobs
The classic. Precise temperature regulation is preferred particularly by professional chefs.



For budding chefs with special demands, Miele's CombiSet range offers the perfect appliances to suit their needs. Demanding professional chefs who work in commercial kitchens are familiar with a salamander grill, Tepan Yaki, barbecue grill and deep-fat fryer. Now these appliances are also available to hobby chefs and are superior to those normally required for everyday cooking. This makes it possible to cook and serve in your own home high-class cuisine you can be proud of.



Control technologies

Nothing should stand in the way of perfect enjoyment. That is why Miele hobs are intuitive to operate and offer a variety of innovative features. Touch displays, DirectSelection Plus, DirectSelection, EasyControl Plus or knobs, all controls on Miele hobs turn cooking and frying into an uncomplicated process.

Flexible cooking zones

Miele hobs have cooking zones in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to make use of pots and pans of any dimension. A special feature of the cooking zones is the automatic pan size recognition and automatic energy output control. Bridge functions connect cooking zones to form a casserole zone. This innovative technology allows you to make the most of the space available on the hob.
Flexible Kochzonen