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Gas hobs with electronic controls

Intelligent Miele features offer users greater safety and convenience: QuickStart ensures fast ignition and GasStop&ReStart automatic re-ignition in the event of flame failure. Some of these gas hobs also feature a minute minder and a hot surface and residual heat indicator.


No need to press or hold control: all gas hobs with electronic controls are particularly easy and convenient to switch on.

Individual design

Professional stainless-steel look or elegant ceramic glass – Miele has attractive designs to suit every kitchen.
Individuelles Design

ComfortClean pot rests

Miele gas hobs feature dishwasher-proof pot rests. This makes thorough cleaning and retaining the value of Miele gas hobs particularly easy and saves time.
ComfortClean Topfträger

Enamelled pot rests and burner parts

Miele gas hobs with enamelled cast-iron pot rests - robust, durable and visible first-class quality. Some gas hobs feature burner heads with PerfectClean which are easy to clean thanks to a non-stick finish.
Emaillierte Topfträger und Brennerbauteile

GasStop and ReStart

Gas flames can extinguish through draughts or when food boils over. The electronic unit detects this and initiates automatic re-ignition. Should this prove unsuccessful, the gas supply is turned off immediately – simple and safe.
GasStop and ReStart

"Features depend on model"