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Miele vacuum cleaner models

Miele offers a variety of floorcare models. Here is an overview. Which model is right for you depends on your floors and your own personal preferences.


Miele lifestyle vacuum cleaners

Special types of houses and lifestyles require individual solutions. To fulfil your specific room hygiene needs perfectly, Miele offers a variety of vacuum cleaner models specially equipped for all eventualities. Should your requirements change after you have purchased a Miele vacuum cleaner, you can always buy original accessories from Miele and adapt your appliance accordingly: e.g. in the event that your family is extended by an animal, you decide to change your floor coverings or when you suddenly become allergic to dustmites.
Miele lifestyle vacuum cleaners

Miele EcoLine vacuum cleaners

Today's age of scarcer natural resources calls for the sparing use of energy.
EcoLine vacuum cleaners from Miele unite the best cleaning performance with the highest levels of energy efficiency. That suction power does not depend on wattage alone was confirmed by Stiftung Warentest in their 4/2007 test magazine: "Miele S5 EcoLine models, top performers on loop pile carpets, use only 1600 W… and reduce the burden on the household budget. More power usually means higher energy costs, but does not guarantee better uptake of dust." In the 04/2012 test magazine, Miele's EcoLine vacuum cleaner was again awarded first place: "The Miele ... convinces jurors by virtue of its suction performance and handling."


Miele EcoLine vacuum cleaners

Award winning design

Miele vacuum cleaners impress with a neat and modern design with a whole host of aesthetically pleasing details. Trim in aluminium look nicely rounds off the overall appearance and gives the appliance an up-market appeal. Available in a range of fresh, contemporary and classic colours, in addition to high-quality surface finishings, every vacuum cleaner is unique.
A new introduction to the world of vacuum cleaners is the “Velvet” finish, which looks and feels just like the material after which it is named.
Miele design