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Con@ctivity – Automatic function for Miele cooker hoods

Achieving optimum extraction of kitchen vapours and odours and saving energy at the same time: a Miele cooker hood does this automatically if it is equipped with the Con@ctivity function. Thanks to Miele Con@ctivity your cooker hood is able to communicate with the hob. Con@ctivity allows information to be gathered directly from the hob unit and evaluated by the hood controls. Your Miele cooker hood uses this data to automatically select the correct fan setting to ensure the optimum room climate at all times, leaving you free to concentrate fully on your cooking. You don't even have to worry about switching the appliance off because Con@ctivity will do it for you. With the automatic run-on control, the cooker hood will even switch itself off automatically so you do not use any more energy than is necessary.

Miele CleanCover

Miele's CleanCovers are located behind grease filters; thanks to the liners, sharp metal edges and electrical components are concealed, providing a smooth surface inside the unit. CleanCover liners are particularly simple to clean and protect against exposure to cables and motor parts. Miele care and attention down to the very last detail for greater safety and convenience.
Miele CleanCover

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