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Concealed high performance

Miele dishwashers not only clean dishes  perfectly, they treat high-quality porcelain and glassware as gently as the environment. Freestanding model or build-under version, integrated or fully integrated, in 45 cm or 60 cm width: a Miele dishwasher fits into any kitchen. Unique features such as the 3D cutlery tray or the Knock2open sensor offer highest user convenience.


Freestanding dishwashers
Independent dishwashers with a hard-wearing laminate worktop. As these units are not built in, they can simply move house with their owners and be installed in the new kitchen.

Built-under dishwashers     
Ideal as replacement units in existing kitchens. The appliance can be installed in a kitchen run.

Integrated dishwashers
Appliance fronts and fascias are designed to take front panels to match kitchen furniture. Alternatively, front panels in stainless-steel with CleanSteel finish are also an option.

Fully integrated dishwashers
The entire front of the appliance is concealed either behind cabinet panelling or a Miele front made from stainless steel with CleanSteel finish. This allows dishwashers to blend in unobtrusively with the design of the kitchen and they are not visible when closed. The Knock2open feature is new. This allows a dishwasher to be installed in a handle-less kitchen.




Standard dishwasher (81 cm high, 60 cm wide)
This is the standard niche dimension available in the majority of households, from 81 cm built-under height.

Extra high dishwashers (85 cm high, 60 cm wide)
Built-under, integrated and fully integrated dishwashers from Miele are also available as XXL models. They are suitable for kitchens with 85 cm built-under height. Miele XXL dishwashers offer 4 cm of additional depth in the upper basket: the deeper basket offers even greater flexibility and more loading options, for example for stemware, large coffee mugs and plates with a diameter of up to 23 cm.

Slimline dishwashers (81 cm high, 45 cm wide)
Ideal for households where space is at a premium, but still requiring everything a Miele dishwasher has to offer. "Features depend on model (illustrations are examples – to explain product benefits)"