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Efficient and sustainable

With its current refrigeration products, Miele demonstrates that high performance and energy-saving can be achieved simultaneously. Miele invests a great deal in the continuous development of modern technologies such as the optimisation of the refrigeration circuit and insulation. With success, as the majority of appliances clearly exceed the A+ energy-efficiency classification. Appliances with energy-efficiency rating A+++ consume even 60% less energy than a comparable model with an energy-efficiency rating A. All Miele refrigeration appliances enjoy being top of their class and set standards in terms of environmental friendliness. Even Miele's flagship appliances are extremely economical.


Miele offers an outstanding selection in premium quality and timeless design: refrigerators, fridge-freezer combinations, freezers and wine conditioning units. All models are available in various dimensions and inspire with their special highlights by ensuring that all types of food are kept fresh, frozen or stored under ideal conditions.


With the development of the large-capacity MasterCool appliances, Miele sets new standards. High-end design, impressive innovations and inimitable convenience features are combined in refrigeration appliances of the highest calibre. Enjoy the benefits of completely new convenience features with MasterCool.




Miele refrigeration appliances are not just excellent in terms of their scope, quality and premium design, they are also known for being extremely flexible. Side-by-Side appliances can be combined in accordance with your requirements: for example two refrigerators or one refrigerator and a freezer next to one another.

Wine storage with style and many highlights

For real wine connoisseurs, enjoyment of wine starts with the selection of wine and the correct storage in their own home. These factors influence how long wine can be stored without losing its excellent taste. The correct storage conditions of wine have a direct effect on its shelf life. A wine conditioning unit from Miele offers ideal conditions for the storage of finest wine. To suit different types of wine, precise and individual selection of several temperature zones in your conditioning unit is possible. This allows you to store different types of wines under ideal conditions. Particularly when storing wine over long periods of time, storage facilities must meet specific demands in terms of ambient temperature. Wine conditioning units from Miele are an excellent solution and maintain a steady temperature. The features of these units are as individual as your wine stored in them. As built-in versions, they integrate perfectly into your kitchen design and as flexible freestanding appliances they are real eye-catchers with a professional Sommelier Set.
Genuss mit Stil und vielen Highlights