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The right solution for every home

Miele offers four standard cooker hood designs – offering the best range for your kitchen in terms of style and function. Miele wall and island cooker hoods fascinate with their clean, prominent lines and perfect workmanship. Wall or island solution, these cooker hoods are real eye-catchers. Miele ceiling extractors create space in the most discreet of ways and are particularly suitable for puristic kitchens. Miele's built-in cooker hood range comprises slimline hoods, built-under hoods, extractor units and slot-in hoods. Built-in cooker hoods are suitable for installation under and in a wall unit, and for individual recirculation and vented solutions. Miele downdraught extractors are installed in the worktop behind the hob. When required, the extractor rises from the worktop. When not in use, it is retracted and no longer visible as it is flush with the worktop. Miele downdraught systems are suitable for any style in your kitchen. Many on-site restrictions must be taken into consideration when contemplating which is the most suitable hood, vented or recirculation. Here is an overview of the most important planning notes.


Appliance widths

How wide does the cooker hood need to be? This depends firstly on the width of the hob and secondly on the size of your kitchen. It is important that the hood is slightly wider than the hob below it. Only then can you be certain of capturing all the rising cooking vapours and benefit fully from the hood's power. If there is not sufficient space for this, then the hood should be at least as wide as the hob. Various models with special widths of up to 240 cm are available to suit your requirements.

Cooking modes

During cooking, and in particular when frying, vapours are given off which consist of a mixture of steam, particles of fat and odours. If air in the room is not extracted or filtered, these vapours will remain in the room and affect the kitchen environment. Over a period of time this will affect the kitchen furniture, soft furnishings, paintwork etc. as this is where grease and vapours settle. There are three options for cleaning the air effectively: extraction mode, air extraction with an external fan and recirculation mode. All three methods have their advantages, and disadvantages. Which one suits you best will depend on a number or factors which are explained in a separate chapter.



Cooker hoods in motion

Miele cooker hoods are designed for people who like something a little out of the ordinary. Are you one of them? If so, you will be impressed by our cooker hoods in motion. With these exclusive premium appliances the body of the cooker hood automatically moves into the perfect position for operation... and back into its park position when switched off to save space. The very best in ergonomics, highly efficient extraction and perfect integration into the kitchen - that is Miele technology. It’s simply fascinating.
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Customisation on request

Miele's claim: our cooker hoods should be as individual as your requirements. In addition to the standard range of cooker hoods, Miele offers a comprehensive range of products built to customer specification on request: from taller and shorter chimney sections, to wider hoods, or even in a colour to match your kitchen – all this is possible with Miele. We will build your cooker hood to order to suit the room in which it is going to be installed, so that your needs are met to your full satisfaction.

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