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User convenience
Vacuuming made easy? Yes – with Miele.
Miele has developed a multitude of features to make floor care as easy as possible for you. For example the convenient handle controls. The ergonomically designed DeLuxe handle with soft-grip insert is particularly good to handle and convenient to use, ensuring simple operation of the S7. At a touch of a button the appliance can be switched on and off, and the electrobrush activated and deactivated when necessary.

100% controlled!
Quality is Miele's highest priority, from design to finished product. Miele vacuum cleaners are exclusively designed and manufactured in Miele's own plants. At the end of the manufacturing process and assembly, every vacuum cleaner is thoroughly tested again to ensure perfect functioning. This thoroughness is one of the ways in which we at Miele achieve excellent quality and highly durable products.

Cleaning performance
Extremely thorough cleaning of heavily used, robust carpets
A high performance motor alone does not make a good vacuum cleaner. Miele vacuum cleaners combine a whole bundle of features efficiently with outstanding results. A dust-tight casing and streamline airflow through all components are essential in ensuring that the power of the motor is converted into suction performance at the floorhead. The AirTeQ floorhead is Miele’s most efficient floorhead, delivering the very best cleaning results even on lower power settings.

The AirClean filter system
The excellent filtration performance of Miele vacuum cleaners is the result of a multi-stage filtration system consisting of the innovative Miele HyClean dustbag, a motor protection filter and a Miele exhaust filter. The way these components complement each other ensures that more than 99.9% of fine dust is filtered out. You can take deep breaths again!

Der S7

Extra stark auf großflächigen Teppichböden

Kaum ein Bodenbelag lädt so zum Wohlfühlen ein wie ein Teppichboden. Für die richtige Pflege hat Miele den S7 entwickelt. Seine Besonderheit ist die integrierte Bürstenwalze, die die Fasern des Teppichbodens gründlich, aber schonend reinigt und sie wieder aufrichtet.

Der S7


Extremely nimble: the unique double swivel joint makes the S7 extremely manoeuvrable and highly versatile.

1US 8186007. Patent pending: DE 102007040949, EP 203054
Comfort Twister

Automatic height adjustment

The beater bar of the integrated "Power Plus" electrobrush is spring-mounted. This allows the floorhead to be adjusted automatically to the carpet pile height. Always optimum cleaning results. The electrobrush features a foot switch for easy  manoeuvring over carpet edges.

2US 8166608. Patent pending: DE 102007040948, EP 2033560
Automatische Höhenanpassung

Large operating radius

Rarely need to change sockets: Miele uprights provide you with an operating radius of up to 14 m.
Großer Aktionsradius

Flat-to-the-floor design

The two-way swivel joint and the slim body of the S7 make it possible: convenient vacuuming under beds, tables and sideboards.
Flache Bauform

Large HyClean dustbag

Save time and money: this dustbag offers a capacity of 6 l which makes frequent changing of dustbag superfluous.
Großer HyClean-Staubbeutel

Full range of accessories

The Miele upright vacuum cleaner features three high-quality integrated accessories as standard. Upholstery nozzle, dusting brush and an extra-long crevice nozzle are always at hand.
Vollwertiges Zubehör

"Features depend on model"