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Honeycomb soleplate

The honeycomb structure has already proved effective on Miele honeycomb drums and now also makes a difference on Miele's FashionMaster. Unlike conventional hand irons, with the patented honeycomb soleplate steam is distributed in next to no time along a network of channels across the entire soleplate. This allows the iron to glide effortlessly and gently over textiles, at the same time ensuring perfect ironing results.


Two easy steps to set up, requiring little or no effort at all!
With the patented* 1-2-Lift-System, the entire appliance, consisting of a hand iron, ironing table and steam generator, can be set up in only two sweeping movements. Unlock and allow the ironing table to glide into a horizontal position until it engages - as if by magic. The FashionMaster not only irons laundry but also reduces back strain!

Infinite height adjustment

The ironing table can be adjusted effortlessly to the precise working height required by the user. Supported by a built-in gas pressure stay, the ironing table can be conveniently adjusted to a working height of between 83 and 102 cm.
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Steam Jet

An innovation - the Steam Jet
Unsightly creases in your jacket, evening dress or curtains are child's play for the FashionMaster's Steam Jet. It only weighs half as much as the hand iron but uses the same steam pressure and steam output. The brush attachment raises the pile on fabrics and ensures that safe distances are kept to textiles. The Steam Jet can also be used when the FashionMaster is folded away.


Steam delivery plays a key role
With up to 4 bar steam pressure and a consistent output of 100 g/min. you can achieve professional ironing results with the FashionMaster. The dry steam penetrates even very thick, dense material and reduces ironing time. Steam pulses or continuous steam delivery - you can select the most suitable option using the steam button on the hand iron.
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Non-stick soleplate

For difficult items
Sequin, prints, etc. or extremely delicate fabrics – with Miele's FashionMaster you can handle any type of challenge. The clip-on non-stick soleplate for extra gentle treatment is also suitable for items with fashionable adornment. Its Teflon finish prevents shiny patches on dark textiles without having to turn them inside out.

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