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User convenience
Vacuuming made easy? Yes – with Miele.
Miele has developed a multitude of features to make floor care as easy as possible for you. For example the convenient handle controls with which you can regulate suction power by the touch of a fingertip. No more tiresome bending.

100% controlled!
Quality is Miele's highest priority, from design to finished product. Miele vacuum cleaners are exclusively designed and manufactured in Miele's own plants. At the end of the manufacturing process and assembly, every vacuum cleaner is thoroughly tested again to ensure perfect functioning. This thoroughness is one of the ways in which we at Miele achieve excellent quality and highly durable products.

Cleaning performance
Achieving best results with efficiency.
A high performance motor alone does not make a good vacuum cleaner. Miele vacuum cleaners combine a whole bundle of features efficiently with outstanding results. A dust-tight casing and streamline airflow through all components are essential in ensuring that the power of the motor is converted into suction performance at the floorhead. The AirTeQ floorhead is Miele’s most efficient floorhead, delivering the very best cleaning results even on lower power settings.

The AirClean filter system
The excellent filtration performance of Miele vacuum cleaners is the result of a multi-stage filtration system consisting of the innovative Miele HyClean dustbag, a motor protection filter and a Miele exhaust filter. The way these components complement each other ensures that more than 99.9% of fine dust is filtered out. You can take deep breaths again!

The Miele DeLuxe handle

With leverage: thanks to the swivel suction hose, the floorhead is more easily manoeuvrable.
Der Miele Comfort-Handgriff

Clever Automatic setting

Vacuum cleaners with Automatic setting adapt the suction power automatically to the floor. This is not only extremely convenient, it also results in best cleaning performance combined with low energy consumption, and is gentle on floors.

Clevere Automatic-Stufe

Silence-System / Silence-System plus

A sound-optimised motor and integrated sound-proofing make Miele vacuum cleaners pleasantly quiet.
• Silence setting: lowest noise emission levels without
compromising on cleaning performance
• Silence System Plus: extra quiet due to sound-encapsulated
motor and sound-optimised AirTeQ floorhead
Silence-System / Silence-System plus

Convenient cable rewind with single-touch function

All Miele vacuum cleaners have convenient foot switchcontrolled cable rewind. No need to stoop anymore. S6 and S8 vacuum cleaner models also feature a singletouch cable rewind. The entire length of the cable is rewound at the single touch of the button.
Comfort-Kabelaufwicklung mit Tipp-Funktion


Thanks to the innovative Compact System consisting of a Park System on both sides of the vacuum cleaner and a XXL handle with park option, Miele's vacuum cleaners are extremely light and easy to store.

DynamicDrive castors1

The unique DynamicDrive castors rotate 360°, have steel axles and feature shock absorbers. The rubberised wheels glide smoothly and are wear-proof. The advantage: an extremely flexible vacuum cleaner which is extremely smooth-running and gentle on floors.

1Patent pending: EP 2409627, US 20120017391

"Features depend on model"