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Stainless-steel cabinet with PerfectClean finish and linenweave pattern

The cabinet of combination microwave ovens is made from stainless-steel with a linen-weave structure and PerfectClean finish. This surface finish makes it less susceptible to scratches and is considerably easier to clean than a conventional stainless-steel cabinet. The PerfectClean finish has excellent non-stick properties making it hard for soiling to stick to the oven interior during cooking.

Quick microwave

The QuickStart function provides fast selection of the highest microwave power setting and makes heating beverages and food much easier. Defined time settings can be altered to meet your individual needs. For example, for a regularly prepared cup of hot chocolate in the evening or fast heating of baby bottles.

Automatic programmes

With electronically controlled programmes for more than 100 different foods you can bake cakes and bread and cook poultry, etc. to perfection every time. No need to select the operating mode, temperature or cooking time. Even the degree of cooking – e.g. with meat – can be selected. The combination with microwave functions speeds up the cooking process and you do not have to wait long to enjoy perfectly cooked food.

Popcorn button

Perfect popcorn at the touch of a button. Times and wattages are tailored to prepare a 100 g packet of popcorn. Programmed times can be modified to suit personal taste.

Combination of microwave cooking modes

Many foods can be cooked much quicker by combining microwave energy with conventional heating methods, saving you up to 30% time, depending on the food.
Kombinierte Mikrowellen-Betriebsarten

Food probe

Precise results on fish, meat and poultry using the food probe with countdown indicator to measure the core temperature. Supervising the process is no longer necessary. Using the food probe is simple and convenient. It also turns menu planning into an enjoyable task.

"Features depend on model"