International Awards

Miele is trusted by consumers the world over. This has been further proven by the three consumer prizes awarded to our company in Germany, Australia and Great Britain since the beginning of 2011.
In January, respected British consumer magazine “Which?” named Miele “Most Reliable Domestic Appliance Brand”. Miele was also awarded the title of “Best Brand Overall” in five product categories – Washing Machines, Tumble Dryers, Dishwashers, Freezers and Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners.
The Australian consumer magazine “CHOICE” also tests washing machines on a regular basis, with Miele appliances traditionally faring very well. The jury presented Miele with the “CHOICE” award for “Best Washing Machine Brand” at a gala dinner held at the Australian Museum in Sydney.
In Germany, consumers once again chose Miele as their second “Best Product Brand”, just after Lego and followed by Nivea. Miele also received the silver medal in the “Best Company” category, with Volkswagen taking gold. The “Best Brands” awards were initiated by GFK, a renowned market research organisation, the German Brands Association and other partners. Held since 2004, they are the only awards in Germany to rank a brand according to both its market success and popularity among consumers. Miele is the only manufacturer of household appliances that has been consistently named one of the top ten “Best Product Brands” since 2005, and it has now been listed as one of the top five “Best Companies” for the fifth time running.